Travel Book Review: Backpacking Centurion Volumes 1 to 3

Go on a journey with Jonny Blair, an avid traveller and writer from Northern Ireland who has documented his escapades around the world to over 100 countries on his website

Jonny has also shared the ups and downs of his travels in the three-part book series; Backpacking Centurion: A Northern Irishman's Journey through 100 Countries:

Volume 1 - Don't Look Back in Bangor is the first in the series and can be purchased on Amazon. This book tells us about Jonny's younger years and what made him want to leave everything behind to travel the world.

Volume 2 - Lands Down Under, the second book in the series tells the tale of Jonny's time in Australia as well as his success of travelling to all seven continents and fifty countries by the time he was only thirty years of age.

Volume 3 - Taints and Honours can be purchased on Amazon along with all of Jonny's other books. This is the grand finale of the Backpacking Centurian series but there are certainly more of Jonny's stories to come.

All three books are cleverly written and incorporate a cracking sense of humour, profound statements, and good old honest opinions. If you love a down-to-earth read packed full of adventure then the Backpacking Centurion: A Northern Irishman's Journey through 100 Countries trilogy is definitely for you.