10 Home Improvement Projects You Wouldn’t Want to Miss out on

Making improvements to your home not only increases the value of your property but also creates extra space and will even improve your quality of life.

Here is a list of some of the best things KH Building and Landscaping Services can do for your home. After all the home you live in is one of the best investments you will ever make.

1 A Conservatory

Enjoy the view of your garden all year round and increase living space with a professionally built conservatory. Conservatories provide an ambient atmosphere in your home, filled with natural sunlight which will improve your mood. This extra space would be ideal to be used as a dining area, sitting room, and a place to entertain guests.

A conservatory gives you extra space for events and occasions all year round, as it is an ideal place to host a party during the summer months and the ideal spot for putting up a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts during the festive season.

2 Your Driveway

Save time and money and add value to your home with a new driveway. Clearing up a crumbling drive can be a constant task whereas block-paving and stone driveways provide a low-maintenance solution. With plenty of options available, you can personalise your driveway space according to your requirements.

3 A Porch

Create a grand entrance to your home by adding a porch which will give character to the front of your house. A porch creates extra practical storage space and is an ideal solution for homes with front doors that open straight into a living room instead of the hallway.

4 The Garden Patio

A stunning patio is a superb place to unwind and socialise especially in the warmer months. Spruce up your garden ready for the summer with a patio and some landscaping which will add instant appeal to the look and value of your home.

5 An Extension

A small extension like a bay window or something larger such as an extra room, will both have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your house.

6 Fencing

Transform your garden into an attractive outdoor living space and increase privacy with quality fencing solutions that are available in a large variety of materials and styles.

7 Roof and Loft Insulation

Effectively reduce both heat loss and your heating bills at the same time by investing in roof or loft insulation which lasts for many years and will pay for itself many times over.

8 Alterations

From time to time it is necessary to make alterations as a house can become run down over the years. Give the exterior of your home a makeover and modernise it with new windows, replacing the front door or cladding the walls.

9 Conservatory Re-Roofing

Perhaps your existing conservatory has a plastic polycarbonate roof that offers no sound insulation, which is especially noisy when there is heavy rain. Or maybe your conservatory is out of bounds in the winter because it is too cold in there. An insulated conservatory roof replacement is the solution that will reduce noise, regulate the temperature in the winter and reduce heat and glare during the summer months too.

10 Brickwork

With time, brickwork can become worn down and damaged due to wear and tear as well as the weather. Renewals to the brickwork of your home can greatly improve the appearance. With professionally done pointing, the original look of your home can be restored.

We hope to have given you some inspiration to go ahead with those home improvements you may have in mind. KH Building and Landscaping Services are here to help you create the home you have dreamed of so please get in touch for a free quote with no obligation.


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